Working Cocker Spaniels

This fine pair of Working Cocker Spaniels were bred by Rob Jones of Cynhinfa Sporting Dogs. They are both bred out of the same bitch but have different fathers.

My interest in sporting dogs, and in particular, Working Cockers was 1st kindled while beating on a shoot in Mid Wales. Here I observed, and marvelled at, the energy of these little dogs and after being introduced to an eight week old puppy in a pub in Aberystwyth, I decided that I had to have one. It was a couple of years later when my lifestyle, and wife, allowed me to  get one, and then another. Since then I have been dedicated to these 2 Working Cockers and spend as much time as work allows walking, training, working and just plain enjoying these dogs.

These are my Working Cocker Spaniels Millie and Mitch


  1. -Cynhinfa Hilda

  2. -born 2nd Jan 2007


  1. -Cynhinfa Innes

  2. -born 8th May 2008


  1. -Rob Jones

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